Month: March 2012

Irrungen und Wirrungen

the weather in regensburg this week has been such that i feel as if i live on england’s green and pleasant land once more. windy, changeable, the constant threat of the heavens opening. i packed my umbrella in my satchel and had to get used to wearing socks again, after last week’s indian summer. with an uncharacteristic amount of time on my watch there were rambling night-time walks and culinary experiments, and an evening where the madness of the weather must have got to me: i surprised even piers (who is not easily surprised) with my cat lady craziness, knocking on windows and speedy sprinting abilities. apologies, again! because of the impending storm, ‘mornings of cultural discovery’ were called off and instead we sat in a cosy altstadt room planning danube-bike-path excursions and wondering where the best place to go for tea and cake was (Kuchenbar, as it turned out. always Kuchenbar.) i baked chocolate and red wine biscotti in the shape of lambs and hares (yes, for real) with christl and dyed a nestload …

I Got It: Spring Fever

              I think that’s the name of it, of this affliction I have. All I want is to be outdoors all day long, morning ‘til dusk, and nothing else – I tell you, nothing – will suffice. Riding the same rattling cobalt bicycle which kept me company on the crisp days of autumn and glacial winter streets, my heart feels fit to bursting – so intoxicated am I with the unending blue skies, warm breeze and the burgeoning lakes of young flowers sprouting up wherever chance allows. In my dreams I carry armfuls of perplexing floral combinations – deep hued zinnias, foxgloves, chrysanthemums, goldenrod, ranunculus and roses…pink and yellow and peach coloured roses, freshly picked, dripping with late summer rain, that oh-so-delicate fragrance enveloping… But I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s spring, not summer – not yet. And I’m doing my best to appreciate every single moment. I don’t want to wish spring away. It’s not long now. Four words which follow me around these days, like a constant feline …

reasons why I am head-over-heels-in-love with regensburg: part one, tobe continued

The Donauradweg is my happy place. The solution to all the world’s problems, I think… There is nothing better than cycling beside sparkling waters in afternoon sunshine, bike-riding Danube-adoring companion beside you, with a riverside game of tennis (if you can call the mangled version of the game we played tennis…I’m skeptical), a Gasthaus stop for Sandkuchen and a Bavarian pink sunset in your immediate future. I can’t really put into words how much love I have for this place, how blissfully contented I am that it is Spring, how grateful I am to have a best friend and a bicycle and legs which keep me pedalling even when I’m giddy with the utter beauty that surrounds me and all the blessings in my life.