Happy moments.

1. Candy-coloured sunset from the empty Piccadilly line.

2. Beautiful glass sculpture hung from the ceiling at the V&A.

3. Sunshine & century-old terraces (old houses make me happy.)

4. Favourite Saturday breakfast with the newspaper. (Hey Guardian Family supplement….if you need a new sub-editor, call me!)

5. The view from a blustery Primrose Hill one lunchtime.

6. And, me. Learning to love my perpetually unbrushed tangles (excuse my dirty hair!) and 22 years worth of laughter lines. 

Tell me, what did you enjoy this week? 

  • Rosie Louise

    I love the v&a sculpture, you’ve taken a great picture of it!! X

  • This week, I enjoyed your list of happy moments. Quite lovely.

  • I enjoyed my arrival to New York, spending more time with my lovey, eating almond butter for the first time in months and lots of other things – including your post 🙂

  • so wonderful! your snapshots are like a story. and you look beautiful 🙂 this week (or last week)’s highlight was my evening spent with two of my oldest friends baking cakes and playing with the slow motion video on my phone and doing various silly things, just like old times. x

  • Avocado toast is one of life’s great simple pleasures. And I long ago threw away my hairbrush.