Lisbon’s Beautiful Tiles


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In Lisbon, it seemed, every second building was decorated in beautiful, colourful, patterned tiles; some well-kept and polished and others faded, implying a lost grandeur of sorts. The tiles – azulejos – in all their psychedelic glory imbued the city with a sense of cheer and enthusiasm. Art on every corner, a rainbow with every glance skywards.

I want to wear these prints on my dresses, drape my tables in patterned cloth and hang tile-print curtains in my bedroom, just so I might transport a little piece of Lisbon’s vivid gaiety with me.

  • Annie


  • Beautiful! Great arts and beauty on the walls of Lisbon 😀

  • Miho

    so beautiful, so quintessentially portuguese! i love how you captured it x

  • Flora Emay

    Oh wow! What a way to brighten up a street – I know what you mean about wanting to take it all with you. Can you imagine a skirt with a print like that? You couldn’t <i> not </i> be happy wearing it.

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