Image © Alamy
Image © Alamy

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you were dazzled? When was the last time you lay down on a block of granite and fell asleep beneath the sky? Our few remaining pockets of unconnected, unwired time—walks, airplane trips, camp-outs, reading a novel on a beach—are dwindling fast. And yet: The Earth is 4.5 billion years old! There are at least 100 billion stars in our galaxy! What could be wrong with shutting down the computer some afternoon and sauntering for four hours through the woods and over the hills and fields?

– Anthony Doerr (aka my new writerly crush.)

  • There is truth in this! I find it hard to step out of my ordinary routine and just be outside and appreciate the world, but whenever I do it brings me so much joy and peace.
    Lovely photograph too.
    N xo