Month: February 2015

Alone In Berlin

I’ve never lived in Berlin, yet somehow the city feels like home. It is well-worn and familiar, like a beloved coat dug up from the innards of one’s wardrobe. I must have visited a dozen times over the years: on cross-country express trains that hurtled through the former East before depositing passengers at the Hauptbahnhof; to gallivant about town with Emmy in Prenzlauer Berg; to kiss a boy in an 18th century ballroom; to cycle around the Tiergarten with my mother. Perhaps that is why I feel at so home in the German capital. Or perhaps it’s the comforting grey skies, the familiar German street names that remind me of Regensburg, the friends I now have dotted about the city’s neighbourhoods. In December I found myself alone in Berlin, an envelope of twenty-six hours to use as I pleased. I had grandiose plans to meander through Kreuzberg, visit the Jewish Museum, to treat myself to a fancy cup of joe at one of the new cafes on Auguststrasse. The bleak skies tempered by strings of advent lights hung all …

Poem for the Weekend #26

A Valentine’s poem for the weekend. Hope you are feeling filled with love today – for yourself, your friends, your family, for those that surround you, for those that you adore (whether romantically or otherwise.) Shout-out to my galentines, near and far, and blog gal pals too – you’re the bee’s knees! xo Recipe for Happiness in Khaborovsk or Anyplace One grand boulevard with trees with one grand cafe in sun with strong black coffee in very small cups. One not necessarily very beautiful man or woman who loves you. One fine day. – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Weekly Thanksgivings

 Long walks through the gloom.  Satisfying, meandering conversations.  My attempts at optimism! Looking on the bright side is fun. The Royal Festival Hall – I like its urban brutalism. The Thames and its quiet ripples. The City on a Sunday, quiet and wintry The skeletal beauty of St. Dunstan in the East, bombed during the blitz in 1941 and left to ruin. Laughter. Life is good when it’s full of giggles, isn’t it? Nice folks. Some people are just good, through and through, in their bones, you know? This song. Spaetzle and spritzer with two of my oldest, dearest friends last night. Acting flaneur and foregoing the tube, which feels like a treat. Hibiscus tea cradled in my hands while waiting for the bus. Glee-inducing. The thought that March is not yet far away…and with it, blooms and blossoms and bright blue skies (I hope). My family and friends who have been so wonderful helping me through some big decisions this week. So grateful for them.