London Haunts | The South Bank

This particular Saturday feels a lifetime ago, though it was only the beginning of May. A rare weekend day in the city with a pair of oldest, dearest friends. Raised on the periphery of the capital, the South Bank was our go-to downtown hangout as teenagers and I still hold a soft spot for the place – for its pleasingly familiar mélange of brutalist architecture, cultural offerings and excellent coffee. It’s easy to forget in the haste of moving from A to B, weekday woes and commuter chaos, that we live in a world-class city. The South Bank always reminds me of that.

(photos) with a D5100 and 35mm lens | London | May 2015

P.S. There’s an excellent interactive exhibition about immigration at the Southbank Centre showing until September – ‘Adopting Britain’ – that is really worth a visit.

  • Mimmi

    Definitely agree with you that spring in the city is better than summer in the city. Beautiful photos! They make me want to head down to London right this minute. The exhibition sounds really interesting 🙂

    xx Mimmi,

    • Thanks Mimmi, we’re cut from the same cloth, you and I 🙂 Well worth a visit, if you’re in London, and it’s free! x

  • Abigail (Snug)

    I went to see Adopting Britain a few months ago and it is so moving. I think it might be my favourite exhibition they’ve had on there. So interactive and it wove everyone’s stories in beautifully 🙂

  • This was a lovely post to read. I love your writing and how it draws me in with every word, utterly wonderful. Love the photos you’ve taken too, I can tell how you’re really fond of the place. Hope you’re having the best day!!

    -Nabeela x

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Nabeela. London’s taken me a while to love, but you’re right – I’ve grown so fond of it! You too, really appreciate your sweet words. x