Bavaria On Film

Just these nostalgic photographs and the memory of the river running like liquid silver beneath the bridge, the cool stone pressed against my calves, his hand on the small of my back, the sweet taste of Radler on sun-chapped lips.

  • Ahhhh Lou! Your blog is so unlike anyone elses I follow. 🙂 It’s really artisitc without being the least bit pretentious, and you have an an amazing eye for photography. It’s so obvious that you have so many talents and are a really creative person!

    I love the snippet of text you included here – it’s short but perfect. I feel as though I transported there and filled your shoes. Wonderful! Wondeerrrrful!


  • These photos are so beautiful. There’s nothing quite like film for making a city look effortlessly alluring 🙂 Sounds like you managed to make some lovely memories in Bavaria! xx