Bright Spots | Week Six

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+ February, oh, how I (against all the odds) adore you

+ tulips, tulips, everywhere

+ he looked after me when I got sick, cooked omelettes, stroked my hair

+ the magnolia trees, a rosy wonder against paper-white skies

+ a lunchtime stroll through Primrose Hill, such a gentle, time-forgot sort-of place

+ those shining, glittering, sparkling skies

+ listening to Lucy Kalanithi speak about her late husband’s book; I left feeling so inspired, my thoughts set alight

+ the steady stream of birthday cards flowing through our letterbox

+ a morning of finally sitting down to yoga, and I feel so much better for it

  • These photos are so incredibly beautiful! I wish this is what February looked like where I lived! Instead we get I breathable air and smog. Haha I can’t even wait for tulips!

  • Beautiful photos, sounds like you had a great week!

  • I want to read Paul Kalanithi’s book soon (I’ve read odd bits and pieces about him here and there). And I have my tulips too 🙂

    Saskia /