Bright Spots | Week Fourteen


+ my sweet man graduated (Master of Arts, hey!) and we cheered from the cheap seats
+ pizza with Mama before she flew back to the Far East
+ meandering through Regent’s Park to see the magnolias on the way home
+ repotting herbs (mint, basil soon to come) in tin cans, recycling surely at its best
+ the long light evenings, spring finally uncorked
+ our new little coffee table, purchased by my handsome roommate on a whim this weekend
+ a veggie chilli night with my sister and her boyfriend – the perfect Saturday evening
+ Sunday morning yoga at home, sunlight spilling through the blinds
+ getting stuff done: my new can-do mantra – “You got this!”
+ planning a trip to Singapore (!!!) and environs this summer (any tips? come at me!)
+ the secret garden all abloom
+ a quiet happiness, lodged deep in the heart

  • Suze – Luxury Columnist

    Regent’s Park is one of my favourite spots too! Sounds like you’re getting lots done

    • frauleinlouise

      It’s really beautiful right now, too – all the blossoms! x

  • Loving this series of yours. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with your blog over the last few days, it’s so good. Kinda how I would love mine to become. <3

    • frauleinlouise

      Thanks Eline, you’re such a sweetie! 🙂 What’s your blog address? I’d love to check it out. x

  • I think I saw this in all your posts, but I adore your photos. Ooh Singapore? How long are you visiting for?

    nat | dignifiable

  • This is lovely. Congrats to your guy on graduating! And that quiet happiness sounds absolutely wonderful.

  • Love the pictures and glad I made it on! 🙂 you beautiful writer you!

  • Congrats to him!

    I was actually thinking about reading ‘men explain things to me’ but wasn’t really sure – did you enjoy it?


    • frauleinlouise

      Absolutely, Hanna! It’s a really insightful read, shocking too. x