Blossoms in London in spring

Postcard From London In The Spring

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This morning dawned slate and sombre, blemished by a spitting rain that had truly earned its name. The sort of weather that makes you want to go straight back to bed, or to curl up in a ball and weep your eyes out (no, just me?) Even a trip to the library book sale failed to lift my mood. When, at 4 in the afternoon, the drizzle ceased, we rushed out of the door, eager to cure our terminal cabin fever. It was cold, really cold, but soon enough the sun began to peek out and the skies began to clear. We stumbled upon a Greek Orthodox church, its ceiling painted in deep-hued mosaics and kicked through the fallen blossoms on the pavement as though they were autumn’s leaves. I love that feeling of surprised discovery that accompanies stumbling upon an unknown landmark virtually on your doorstop. As we walked, I took photographs of almost every streetside flower and marvelled quietly at the town planner who thought to plant corridors of cherry blossoms on these suburban streets. We talked, too, deeply, about futures near and far, our legs pacing the conversation as thoughts and dreams began to bloom like the sakura overhead. London in mid-spring is quite something.

  • Anna

    Your pictures!!!

  • These pictures are stunning Lula 😀 Beautiful words too!

  • The words + the photos are just beautiful dear and lovely Lu xxxxx

  • Gorgeous photography, and your words are so lovely and poetic. Great post!

  • yes, yes it is! London as it emerges from the depths of winter is one of the most beautiful things in the world. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Wow so many flowers! Wonderful walk it seems!

    nat – Dignifiable

  • Oh how beautiful! London in Spring seems lovely, though I’ve never been during that season. Your photos are gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    Even after nearly 10 years (!!) of reading your words, I’m still in awe. Every. Single. Time.
    Forever going to take your author portrait,
    Ash xox

    • frauleinlouise

      Mwah, I love you!