Bright Spots | Week Thirty-Three

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The rain, heavy and thundering. Gelato on the streets of Camden Town. A blustery weekend with a full house at the Crescent. Our cosy flat, new rug in pride of place. Autumn on the wind. A Sunday supper of soy salmon and greens. My current read, started in a bookshop one lunch, bought by my Matt for me after I rhapsodised about its merits (oh, sweet boy who buys me books – you’re more than I ever dreamed.) Saturday’s picnic in the secret garden. Showing off the city to our favourite Americans. Japanese anemones, everywhere, all of a sudden. The patience of friends. Our ripening tomatoes. Campanula in the window box. The impending three-day weekend, and an escape to the country. Blackberries and rhubarb, freshly picked, stirred into yoghurt. Slow-cooked granola. The Columbia Road flower market, vendors hurling slang. Bike rides and swim dates. Change, just around the bend.

  • I just moved into my new apartment! I’m still building furniture, and I’m going to need to buy a new rug. I’m excited for things to start coming together! // I really love that first photo. There’s something very sweet about it 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • These posts of yours are my favourite. Reading them always puts a smile on my face! And a boyfriend who buys you books? You’ve definitely found a good one.

  • I haven’t read your blog in a few weeks, but it’s always a joy coming back and reading posts like these. They will forever and always bring a smile to my face! Ordinary moments made extraordinary by your writing. Love, Eline