Time Travel


An autumn walk, Regent’s Park, November 2015.


Matt, home in west London, winter 2015.


Daffodils, home in west London, January 2016.


Winter fuchsias, west London, February 2015.


Ashley, Soho, February 2016.


Cable car, Singapore, May 2016.


Greenery, Singapore, June 2016.


Happy steps, Singapore, June 2016.


Charlotte’s hen party, Cambridge, June 2016.


Wildflowers, Regent’s Park, August 2016.


‘Strawberry shortcake’ roses, Regent’s Park, August 2016.


Connor, Regent’s Park, August 2016.


Matt, the secret garden, August 2016.

A year’s worth of 35mm film, just developed. The best kind of time travel I know.

  • Love these photos that you rediscovered from the past! Especially loving the photo of the cable car in Singapore and that last photo in the secret garden. My friend’s grandpa had an old film camera he hadn’t used for a long time, so he gave it to my friend, and my friend found that there were some photos already taken, so he was really excited to finish the roll, develop them all, and see the lost photos is grandpa took (as well as his own new photos of course haha) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • nat

    Developing film from a very long time ago is so amazing! Remembering different memories that you may have forgotten.

    nat – dignifiable

  • Oh my God these pictures look so magical! Especially the last pictures. You make me want to try taking pictures with analogue camera! <3

  • These are so, so lovely! I bet they made you smile multiple times when you got the pictures back. I have a disposable (sorry, nowhere near as cool as your 35mm) that I’ve been intermittently snapping for about 2 years now – kind of scared to develop it, when it finally reaches the end of the film…x