Bright Spots | The Bavarian Edition


Signs of the season on a solo walk to the river.


I ended up here, looking out onto the houses sat on the island I once called home.


Geraniums beside the Danube.


Christl is the most wonderful, understated pianist.


And she makes pretty fabulous Kuchen too. (This one was of the lemon and hazelnut variety.)


Climbed up the hill with my borrowed bike to see my favourite view. There was a beautiful wedding just ending at the church on the peak. A yellow van decorated with gypsophila, a delicate lace gown, smiles on every face. It made my heart swell.


Wandering the streets of Munich.


Ending up beside the river Isar.


Autumnal posies at the Wochenmarkt. I wanted to scoop up armfuls for their scent alone.

  • The cake looks so delicious and the flowers so beautiful! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • you’re making me awfully nostaglic for germany. very, very happy you got to go back to your happy place.

  • I’m so glad you had such a lovely sojourn in Germany, Lulu – it looks like the most wonderful trip! I love the idea of you cycling around the city and taking it all in from the top of that hill, in those beautiful brogues. The hazelnut Kuchen looks so inviting, and I find it so funny that they have an ‘English’ garden in Munich! Must visit 🙂 x