Women’s March, London | 21.01.2017

protest signs protest signs

After a week of feeling down in the dumps about the state of things, I’ve spent most of the weekend sobbing happy tears over the photographs pouring in from women’s marches around the world. 100,000 of us marched in London and I don’t think I ever loved this city more. Children, dogs, babies, men and women and everyone in between, of all colours and creeds, came together to fight for what we believe in. What amazing signals we can send when we come together; what comfort there is in knowing that, despite the constant stream of bad news, despite the ogre in that big white house, despite the right-wing vice our country is currently gripped in, we are not alone. An incredibly emboldening, joyful, cheering movement to be part of. Here’s to the next one!

  • Fantastic photos!! I’ve loved catching up with all the pictures from the marches on Twitter this morning, it has given me so much hope.

    • frauleinlouise

      Thanks Kate – I loved your post, too! The signs were amazing, weren’t they? So witty and full of wry intelligence. Here’s to girl power xx

  • I spent all of Saturday evening scrolling through Twitter to read the signs, and to see the women, men and children that were marching at the weekend. It feels so good to be in any way affiliated with people with such energy and passion and courage in their conviction – I feel so proud to be a woman! I’m looking forward to attending a march in person. 🙂