Month: July 2017

Weekend Colour Palette | Blue

It’s been a while, right? I like to think we’re the sort of friends who can catch up as if no time has passed. Right? Right? Blue was the weekend colour palette back at the beginning of July, but in between heatwaves, and packing up our apartment, and catching that horrible sort of cold, things slipped by the wayside here. Still, better late than never. And thankfully, lovely ladies such as Natalie, Kate and Audrey have been holding the fort with their gorgeous images. I’ve compiled a schedule below for the rest of the summer, so you can join in as and when – no pressure. If you’d prefer the low-maintenance route, simply tag your snaps with #weekendcolourpalette on social media. I’d love to see!  29-30 July – Red 5-6 August – Green 12-13 August – Purple 19-20 August – Orange  26-27 August – Turquoise  Thanks for joining in! And a little housekeeping: I hope you like my new blog design, layout and simplified categories. Go forth & explore! I’ve been wanting to reorganise and declutter …

Weekend Colour Palette | Pink

I spent the weekend in Suffolk with mother, sister, boyfriend, (very pregnant!) auntie, uncle and two small, yellow-headed cousins who were immensely enthused about my colour-seeking project. Trooping through the woods sloping towards the Orwell river a few paces behind them, I was touched to hear a near-constant barrage of “Pink!”, “More pink!” – and, finally, “Massive pink alert!” when we rounded a bend to find a front garden spilling over with hydrangeas. Together we spotted fledgling foxgloves lurking in blankets of dandelions; splashes of crimson wildflowers striving in the hedgerows; the neighbour’s leggy pink roses; their father’s pink shirt; Lottie’s pink tennis shoes; the golden light of evening cast rosy by the dining room’s red walls.  Next week’s colour: BLUE! If you’d like to join in, do link to your blog or instagram below and use the hashtag #weekendcolourpalette. Take a peek at Natalie of Dignifiable’s marvellous pink-themed snaps here. I’d love to hear if you’d fancy taking part, too.  (photos) on Canon 6D + 40mm 2.8 + 85mm 1.8 | Suffolk

Belated Bright Spots

You know that feeling of having so much to do you end up doing nothing at all? We’re moving and it’s summer, too, which means weddings and hen parties and visiting family and laze-inducing humidity – and I’m sick with the worst kind of cold (that is to say, all cough and and no respite even after downing Lemsip). But these bright spots have been sitting in my drafts for the best part of a month, and there’s no time like the present, eh? I might be dead next week. Plus this poorly, sniffling blogger could do with a little optimism…  week 23 | We ran the race for life, ten of us, clad in crimson t-shirts and lace-up shoes. B and I stuck together like glue, plodding along, using the time – just us, two friends, outside of the office – to talk deeply about minds and bodies, hopes and dreams. for the final stretch, we shouted and broke into a sprint, the wind at our backs. I felt invincible. I felt invincible, too, …