Month: August 2017

Grandad’s Garden

It’s hard to imagine as I sit curled in the armchair by the window, contemplating a chai tea to warm up, that these photographs were only taken last Saturday, in what may well have been the last of the August sun. I spent what felt like hours lingering among the coneflowers and tomato plants, staying outside long after my grandparents had gone back inside. I could hear their laughter through the open window as I took photograph after photograph of the dahlias striving towards the sky, trying to capture their height and essence of the sublime. I laughed too, for it was one of those fleeting moments where one feels rooted in the present moment, consumed by joy in the here and now. This was Saturday afternoon in Fred’s little garden on the fringes of northwest London.  I recently heard the words spoken “For what is joy if it is not recorded?” and the sentence made my heart quicken and flutter. For what is joy if it is not recorded, and what – the speaker went on – is love …

Weekend Colour Palette | Turquoise

The sun is lower in the sky as we cartwheel towards autumn. Moves, weddings, work have all meant I haven’t had much time to concentrate on #weekendcolourpalette. (Thank you to those who have carried the torch in my absence – your images have been so fun to peruse.) But today, sandwiched between the many greens of the Grand Union Canal and the rosy reds of narrowboats, I discovered unexpected splashes of turquoise. It helped that I serendipitously chose on-theme activewear too 😉

Scenes From A Staycation

I’ve (mostly) stayed away from the laptop this week, writing by hand and soaking in slow days in the countryside without a car, where we have got used to relying on buses and our feet to carry us from place to place. Bathing in our last day in the village before returning to the big smoke tomorrow and just felt like sharing these golden snaps of memories made in the West Country. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.