Weekend Colour Palette | Turquoise

The sun is lower in the sky as we cartwheel towards autumn. Moves, weddings, work have all meant I haven’t had much time to concentrate on #weekendcolourpalette. (Thank you to those who have carried the torch in my absence – your images have been so fun to peruse.) But today, sandwiched between the many greens of the Grand Union Canal and the rosy reds of narrowboats, I discovered unexpected splashes of turquoise. It helped that I serendipitously chose on-theme activewear too 😉

  • I’m so ready for autumn! I remember seeing your calendar for the Weekend Colour Palette and thinking how difficult turquoise would be (getting into the nitty gritty of shades of blue?green? :P) haha. Those cards are so pretty! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Lovely. I think about the shades of blue often lately. I think because somehow, it reminds me of home