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Women’s March, London | 21.01.2017

After a week of feeling down in the dumps about the state of things, I’ve spent most of the weekend sobbing happy tears over the photographs pouring in from women’s marches around the world. 100,000 of us marched in London and I don’t think I ever loved this city more. Children, dogs, babies, men and women and everyone in between, of all colours and creeds, came together to fight for what we believe in. What amazing signals we can send when we come together; what comfort there is in knowing that, despite the constant stream of bad news, despite the ogre in that big white house, despite the right-wing vice our country is currently gripped in, we are not alone. An incredibly emboldening, joyful, cheering movement to be part of. Here’s to the next one!

feminist poster by Lauren Albee

Why I March

I march for the forgotten, for the great women behind all the great men, for the women who have died alone or uncommemorated. I march for all of the women who have raised children on their own. I march for all the little girls and young women coming of age in the era of Donald Trump, who believe they can never be President, or fly to the moon, or write books as well as men can, or save lives, or do whatever it is they aspire to. I march for the women abused by their partners and I march for the two women murdered every week in this country by the person closest to them. I’m marching for my future sons and daughters. I march because I want them to know that fighting for what’s right is worth it; that their mother couldn’t sleep for worry about the future; that their mother couldn’t sleep without knowing she’d tried, in some small significant way, to make things right. I march for anyone who’s ever looked in the mirror and wished they were …

Poem For The Weekend #57

Because it’s been one of those weeks. Sending a big spoonful of girl power out into the world. Illustration by Jem Magbanua. He tells her that the earth is flat– He knows the facts, and that is that. In altercations fierce and long She tries her best to prove him wrong. But he has learned to argue well. He calls her arguments unsound And often asks her not to yell. She cannot win. He stands his ground. The planet goes on being round. – Wendy Cope, Differences Of Opinion