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Weekend Colour Palette | Yellow

I love a muted palette as much as the next person, but I also adore C O L O U R. When I first became consumed by photography as a teenager, my Flickr feed was dominated by hyper-saturated self-portraits and technicolour books stacked against my family’s pink-walled living room. It was a far cry from the minimalist white walls and understated pastels that seem to be the trend du jour across the interwebs today. These have their place I live in a rented flat surrounded by white walls and I appreciate the calm and stillness they exude, and the blank canvas they offer. But I still love colour, especially out and about in this multicultural city of ours. It’s an instant mood-brightener; speaks of life, joy, variety. So this weekend I decided to start a small, creative, personal project – each weekend, one colour, a set of photos. (And hopefully, a little photo essay every Sunday. Hold me to it.) I chose Y E L L O W to begin with: the colour of warmth, …

December Moments

December was all twinkle lights and cups of cocoa. Long plane rides and long train rides. Work interrupted by flutes of mulled wine and office parties in flapper dresses and sequins. Breaks for mince pies and card tricks. Sparkly evenings crowded around wooden tables, giggling and talking and pretending to be more put-together than two glasses of white wine allows. It was a fun and predictable whirlwind. Yet as photographs often do, it seems quieter captured stationary on film – milky winter light glimmering through holly leaves, a carousel frozen in time, a static rose in what was really a bustling city restaurant. And despite the black nights and blue-lit mornings, these pictures show a December that was all light and sparkle. And that’s how I’ll remember it too. I hope you had a sparkling start to 2015, too. More musings and pictures and tales to come on that too, but I couldn’t let December pass without a little word. Hope yours was twinkly and lovely too. xo

Been There | Black and White Berlin

Germany boasts a smorgasbord of vibrant (and underrated) cities. But there’s nowhere quite like Berlin. My trip to the German Hauptstadt was a whirlwind of seeing and doing and walking and eating and drinking and friend-ing. We marched all over the city until our legs ached (Berlin is HUGE) and enjoyed the brief moments of morning calm in our tiny Kreuzberg apartment before venturing out for the day. We danced through the night and laughed all day; filled our hearts with joy, our stomachs with good food and Radler, and came back with goofy photobooth snaps and new laughter lines. A weekend and a half well spent, dare I say. And, of course, I still have Berlin on the brain. The visit re-awakened my love for Germany and the Germans, for a life there again. One day, maybe. For now I’m content with the memories and the pictures (to be shared in the coming days, without restraint I’m afraid!) and the fact that life in London has picked up just where it left off, at full speed, and I am happy and …

Suffolk On Film

  This week is being spent camped out at the coast (a beloved family September tradition) with assorted friends, family and lots of spiders in the ivy-covered house we’re renting. Plenty of time for plunges in the bracing North Sea, fish and chips on the pebbles, sunset bike rides, quality family time and sorting through the summer’s photographs to post here. Prepare for an onslaught! These autumnal pictures I took today seem to evoke the oncoming season. The leaves are redder here than they are in London, the air a little chillier. Today we walked miles up and down the shingle, the sound of pebbles crunching in our ears, stopping off for roast lunches washed down with plum crumble at the pub. It was quite lovely and, now tucked up in bed with the wind whistling outside, I feel the luckiest girl! Did you have a wonderful weekend?

Saturday + Sunday

  Some weekends are for doing. Writing that essay, delivering that letter to the post office, running that incorrigible errand in the city. But then every once in a while, Saturday and Sunday conspire to slow you down – and there is a deep sigh of relief, a weekend spent travelling only by olive-green battered bicycle; a chocolate cake, a watermelon, a grandfather’s resilient smile, a sweet tonic of time to spend just as you please. One wish: may there are always be evenings, always summers, always the long and lazy percolation of an ochre August dusk.