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Bright Spots | The Bavarian Edition

Signs of the season on a solo walk to the river. I ended up here, looking out onto the houses sat on the island I once called home. Geraniums beside the Danube. Christl is the most wonderful, understated pianist. And she makes pretty fabulous Kuchen too. (This one was of the lemon and hazelnut variety.) Climbed up the hill with my borrowed bike to see my favourite view. There was a beautiful wedding just ending at the church on the peak. A yellow van decorated with gypsophila, a delicate lace gown, smiles on every face. It made my heart swell. Wandering the streets of Munich. Ending up beside the river Isar.   Autumnal posies at the Wochenmarkt. I wanted to scoop up armfuls for their scent alone.

Left My Heart in Bavaria

I don’t talk about Regensburg here as much as I once did (I present to you, ladies and gents, exhibits one, two and three) but I still hold a candle for it in my heart just as bright and am always secretly planning my next visit (or full-blown, up-sticks, drop-everything return!) It’s my favourite city as well as the namesake for this blog and I’m so happy to be waxing lyrical about my city soulmate – Danube! Gelato! Bike rides! Spires! – over on Atlas Addict. I’d love it if you’d take a look and even more, if you’d consider visiting Regensburg (with room in your suitcase for me, danke.) It’s the best place on Earth, truly. Guide to Regensburg, Atlas Addict | (photos) on film & digital, 2011-2015

Dispatches from Bavaria

The first instalment of likely plenty of incoherent ramblings about our recent visit beside the Danube (and more!) Eleven days into July we left for Bavaria. A taxi before the sun, a dawn-soaked plane ride across the Channel, a wait at the bus stop where we smeared sun screen across our already freckled forearms, and a train ride through fields of sunflowers and solar panels. Upon arrival in Regensburg – my old home, my childhood best friend, my city soulmate – a stroll through the Altstadt, a history tour by Rudi, before a sleepy drive up the hill to Lappersdorf. It was a light-speed tour: Altstadt, Lappersdorf, a garden party overlooking the Bavarian forest, Regensburg, Stadtamhof, Danube, Munich. Three nights, three different beds. It’s a little blurred, like the hazy feeling of watching buildings flicker beyond a rainy car window, but here’s just a few snippets I hope to remember. Sunflowers from the train window, yellow scythes slicing across the sky. The lustrous crimson redcurrants, glimmering in the sun, our stained fingertips and rosy lips. …

Been There | Regensburg, 2014

I visited this city as a little girl, often, and so to visit it as a woman of twenty-three years – to be able to point out the cobbled street where I lived when I was twenty and to recognise familiar faces in cafes, on the street – is the most wondrous feeling. The air was close and I spent the weekend in a haze of heat and sunshine, the sky so bright I could feel freckles forming on my arms. I drank my weight in Apfelschorle, stalked my old neighbours, rode the ferris wheel and munched on Schoko-Erdbeeren with Carolin, reminisced with Andreas, hiked through Kallmünz with Rudi and Christl, sat in our old seats at Cafe Lila with Julia, ate cake for lunch and Waldbeertorte (foresty fruity tart) for tea, accompanied friends to the European election, cycled furiously down the Regenradweg on my old blue bicycle (out of storage, for one weekend only!) and gazed in awe at the various beauties enshrined in this small city and its environs. To return to somewhere …


1. Regensburg lilacs. 2. Sankt Emmeran’s Kirche. 3. My former workplace. 4. The only way to get around. 5. Sunbathers on the Jahninsel. 6. View from the Dreieinigkeitskirche. 7. Sunset on the Danube. 8. Regensburg Lula. 9. Fahrrad! 10. Danube Canal. (*Pictures from Spring 2012). Because my heart is all aflutter with the knowledge that, this time tomorrow, I’ll be in my true blue city soulmate Regensburg – so aflutter than I can’t write anything more! Bis bald! xo P.S. For fewer inane ramblings on my behalf and more Regensburg, head here or here!