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Been There | The Pacific Northwest

It’s a gloomy autumn day in London and I’m remembering the two previous summers in Seattle – car dancing down I-5, paddle-boarding in burning sun, snow in the Cascades (in June, no less) and the cool clean breeze waltzing over Lake Washington. It still baffles and entirely delights me that a chance encounter on Flickr as teens has granted me and my sister, and our family, so much joy – friends for life,  the world’s best brownie recipe, summers dipping into Lake Washington and more laughter than we ever could have hoped for. The full story.

City Slicker | Guide to Seattle, Washington

What better way to wind up the working week than with a set of dreamy images of my favourite US city? Today’s city slicker is the extraordinarily talented photographer Ashley Garrels, chatting about her hometown of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is one-of-a-kind, surrounded by sparkling blue waters and a smorgasbord of choice should you be the type partial to a good cup of joe. Ashley is also one of my dearest friends, the sort of friendship that’s just too wonderful to distil into words.  I (precociously) like to think that our relationship is testament to the powers of both photography and the internet as we started corresponding after admiring each other’s Flickr streams as doe-eyed fifteen-year-olds. Almost a decade later we’re real life best pals, despite the 5000 miles between our cities. Be dazzled by more of Ashley’s stunning images of Seattle and its flannel-clad denizens here. Without further ado… Q: How did you end up in your city?  My family has Pacific Northwest roots and we never seem to stray too far from …