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Blossoms in London in spring

Postcard From London In The Spring

This morning dawned slate and sombre, blemished by a spitting rain that had truly earned its name. The sort of weather that makes you want to go straight back to bed, or to curl up in a ball and weep your eyes out (no, just me?) Even a trip to the library book sale failed to lift my mood. When, at 4 in the afternoon, the drizzle ceased, we rushed out of the door, eager to cure our terminal cabin fever. It was cold, really cold, but soon enough the sun began to peek out and the skies began to clear. We stumbled upon a Greek Orthodox church, its ceiling painted in deep-hued mosaics and kicked through the fallen blossoms on the pavement as though they were autumn’s leaves. I love that feeling of surprised discovery that accompanies stumbling upon an unknown landmark virtually on your doorstop. As we walked, I took photographs of almost every streetside flower and marvelled quietly at the town planner who thought to plant corridors of cherry blossoms on these suburban …

Bright Spots | Week Ten

+ morning coffee, brewed by him + fruit tea, all day every day + an aubergine, lentil and sweet potato curry, on the table upon my return from work (I’m so spoilt) + the dazzling spring sunshine that arrived just in time for the weekend + last minute wedding preparations for Hannah’s big day next week + the potted lavender (the smell, the smell!) I purchased on a whim from my favourite place in the neighbourhood, W6 + the flecked pink roses Emma toted along to our weeknight dinner party, much appreciated + quiet mornings, with the flat to myself and Joni Mitchell turned up LOUD! + ongoing text threads with my indispensable little sister + celebrating 60 years of our grandparents’ marriage (#goals, right there. I admire them so.) + and a simple Sunday, to use as I pleased

Here We Are

What are you looking forward to? he asked, graciously, pushing a cowlick of dark hair out of his eyes as he peered at me across the wooden table. Oh! I smiled, heart all aflutter. Bare ankles, spring sunsets, bike rides, park picnics, sudden thunderstorms, river valleys ripe with rain. Magnolia blooms the size of saucers. Cherry blossoms, most of all. And here we are. I couldn’t be happier about spring. Are you as delighted as I am?