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Winter Walks | A Postcard From Dedham Vale

We marked the date in our diaries over a month before: Saturday November 26th, we’d meet somewhere roughly in between Norwich and London, after far too many months apart. Long-time readers of this humble blog may remember my friend P from the days when we lived, quite literally, beside the Danube and saw each other almost daily. We miss each other now we live in different cities – so November 26th it was! Little did we know what a glorious late autumn day it would dawn, the air cool but not biting, the last burnt orange leaves clinging tightly to tree branches. I rose early, munching jam on toast and almost-black coffee before hightailing it to Liverpool Street to catch the train outta dodge. I spent the hour’s journey knitting happily away, bathing in the golden sunlight streaming through the windows and listening to my sweet father-and-son seatmates discussing the respective merits of liquorice laces vis-à-vis liquorice pencils. Current affairs, ladies and gents. I met P (dressed in pink shorts, hardy boy!) at Manningtree station; a great …

A Sunset Bike Ride (Part I)

  Continuing on the ‘summer nostalgia’ theme today with these photographs from a splendid September sunset cycle (how’s that for alliteration?) The three of us hopped on our bicycles in the fading light and pedalled furiously towards the sea. Sometimes I think about whether I’d miss the city, were I to up sticks and head for the country – not look back. Usually, I come to the conclusion that I would. Once the novelty had worn off, I’d miss the urban conveniences, the galleries, the museums and the people too. But then standing atop Britten’s scallop on the shingle, legs tired from turning and wind whirling through my hair, my mind tells me otherwise. Nope, I think. This is all I’d ever need. *More about Benjamin Britten’s scallop, or – as we know it – the shell.

Suffolk On Film

  This week is being spent camped out at the coast (a beloved family September tradition) with assorted friends, family and lots of spiders in the ivy-covered house we’re renting. Plenty of time for plunges in the bracing North Sea, fish and chips on the pebbles, sunset bike rides, quality family time and sorting through the summer’s photographs to post here. Prepare for an onslaught! These autumnal pictures I took today seem to evoke the oncoming season. The leaves are redder here than they are in London, the air a little chillier. Today we walked miles up and down the shingle, the sound of pebbles crunching in our ears, stopping off for roast lunches washed down with plum crumble at the pub. It was quite lovely and, now tucked up in bed with the wind whistling outside, I feel the luckiest girl! Did you have a wonderful weekend?