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Summer Lovin’

So here we are, the last evening of British Summertime – even though it seems like it was just yesterday that it was June, the roses blooming everywhere and my bags packed for Seattle. I was quietly dreading this summer before it started: my first summer in the big city, my first with a full-time indoor job – it didn’t seem like a good match for a girl whose favourite thing is to be outdoors and loathes being cooped up when the sun is shining. I should learn to be more optimistic, though, because this summer was wonderful, office job and all. I wouldn’t change it. 2 solo transatlantic flights, 1 camping trip, 14 days of fun with 3 best pals, one week at the sea, hundreds of tube rides, at least 10 ice-cream cones, new friends and old, 30lbs of homegrown tomatoes, one bowl of blackberries picked (sorry mama, I was a slacker this year!), one broken ankle (my grandfather, who is happily on the mend), 4 laps of the London cycle ride circuit, much …

Saturday + Sunday

  Some weekends are for doing. Writing that essay, delivering that letter to the post office, running that incorrigible errand in the city. But then every once in a while, Saturday and Sunday conspire to slow you down – and there is a deep sigh of relief, a weekend spent travelling only by olive-green battered bicycle; a chocolate cake, a watermelon, a grandfather’s resilient smile, a sweet tonic of time to spend just as you please. One wish: may there are always be evenings, always summers, always the long and lazy percolation of an ochre August dusk.

Poem for the Weekend #17

An old favourite, perfect for summer, and a return to Poems for the Weekend after two months off. Have a lovely Sunday. xo This Is Just To Say William Carlos Williams I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox and which you were probably saving for breakfast Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold.

London Haunts | Pond Life

In the city in summer, a kind of collective urban mentality develops. Every square of green space is utilised, sunbathers bake in bikinis in the parks, citizens head en masse to the riverside and tourists on Boris bikes lurch ineptly along the city’s major arteries. A sticky Wednesday evening edging on thirty degrees is not to be wasted, so yesterday a friend and I met at Gospel Oak after work and schlepped our tired bodies up and over the Heath, pausing only briefly to savour the view from the heights of Parliament Hill. Others had similar intentions. The ancient paths of the heath were filled with a steady trickle of bathers wrapped in towels who left a trail of damp soil in their wake. The final helpings of the day’s sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting kaleidoscope patterns on the grass. At the entrance, the pond was abuzz with activity. Groups of friends, couples, solitary swimmers – everywhere people and the pleasing thwack of wet feet against floor. A row of dilapidated wooden cubicles painted …