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Bright Spots | Week Sixteen

+ homemade hummus, red onion and spinach sandwiches, packed up for a picnic + a walk through the woods + exploring the fabric shops of Goldhawk Road with the lovely Johanna – so much beautiful cloth we felt dizzy by the end! + a perfect Sunday afternoon: a walk followed by curling up on the sofa with tea and a book + porridge for breakfast (I’m embracing the chill) + tulips, tulips, everywhere + my hometown secret garden, a riot of spring colour + an Italian food crawl with my old flatmates (so nice to see you, E & H!) + making a feline friend walking home from the pool + and, for that matter, early morning swims + a Saturday morning date over cappuccinos and the newspaper + a Saturday night date at the Tate Modern (open until 10pm Fridays and Saturdays, go wild!) + followed by spontaneous, and delicious, fish + chips (salt + vinegar, yes please!) + Margaret Forster’s My Life In Houses, a lovely meandering read + and the library, for it will …

Bright Spots | Week Fifteen

+ hyacinths, plucked straight from the garden + the garlick-iest homemade pesto for Saturday tea + that cabin-fever-ending walk beneath the cherry blossoms + we’ve booked flights to Singapore (!!!) to visit my parents + the lemon-glazed banana loaf I baked for my colleague’s birthday (it went down a treat!) + a flying visit from Seattle gal-pal Jenn, complete with Lulu dhal + Friday’s day-long thunderstorm – something about working to the tune of rain makes me so productive + chatting on the phone with darlin’ Ms. Ashley + waking early without setting an alarm + grilled cheese for dinner, sometimes simple is best + the happy news of another dear friend’s engagement. love! everywhere! + this book, and the trip to the library that yielded it + a return to midweek swims with my best friend + quiet weekend days to spend as we please

Bright Spots | Week Fourteen

+ my sweet man graduated (Master of Arts, hey!) and we cheered from the cheap seats + pizza with Mama before she flew back to the Far East + meandering through Regent’s Park to see the magnolias on the way home + repotting herbs (mint, basil soon to come) in tin cans, recycling surely at its best + the long light evenings, spring finally uncorked + our new little coffee table, purchased by my handsome roommate on a whim this weekend + a veggie chilli night with my sister and her boyfriend – the perfect Saturday evening + Sunday morning yoga at home, sunlight spilling through the blinds + getting stuff done: my new can-do mantra – “You got this!” + planning a trip to Singapore (!!!) and environs this summer (any tips? come at me!) + the secret garden all abloom + a quiet happiness, lodged deep in the heart

Bright Spots | Week Four

+ an entire weekend to myself, Friday to Sunday – an introvert’s dream + the sneak peeks into windows riding the top of the bus, particularly good in Hampstead and Pimlico + London, really feeling like home these days + meeting, by chance, a Regensburg friend-of-a-friend and reminiscing together about bike rides and beautiful buildings + admiring flower stalls and their explosions of colour, a January antidote (came home with white roses) + a Saturday night South London adventure – to me, west Londoner born and bred it feels as foreign as another country! + a deep winter clean: the floors are mopped, the bookshelves dusted, the cupboards stocked + cycling through lamplit streets at midnight, empty of cars, the streetlights reflected in the scattered black puddles in the gutter + a certain someone’s planned visit in not-too-many weeks (!) + the end of January, the worst of all wretched months (though it really was not so bad this year) and the fact that February – birthday, month of love and end of winter – is nigh + a Saturday …