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Bright Spots | Week Thirty-Eight

Celebrating the marriage of old friends (fourteen years and counting!!!) with botanical cocktails, aubergine parmigiana and plenty of laughter. Leaves underfoot. An hour talking on a bench in the village graveyard, speaking of the future (which seemed, at the time, appropriate…) Lemon queens (a helianthus variant) sprouting around the neighbourhood, swaying in the evening wind. Four days with my family by the sea. The view across the water from Royal William Yard. Walks on the hills crouched above Plymouth Sound. Giggles aplenty with my mama and Elle. Watching my little sister graduate, teary-eyed with pride. My sweet, sweet dad, who drove his feverish, cold-ridden daughter all the way back to her flat in Zone 2 to save her from the tube. The same dad who pulled over and turned around, without a single complaint, when it transpired said daughter had left her purse on the kitchen table in an uncharacteristic fit of febrile abstraction. (Seriously, thanks dad.) My tall and lovely musician, the best (tea-brewing, dhal-making, head-stroking) nurse a poorly girl could wish for. How contented I feel, happy now, looking forward …

Bright Spots | Week Five

+ silver linings in a week that could have been all clouds + blue skies, juxtaposed by lurid green shutters + his safety, after a hair-raising incident – counting all my blessings and some + an unexpected, and much welcomed, trip to the Crescent House (as we call the family home) + chickpea and spinach stew: so simple, so delicious + grandparents, cats, gardens, magnolia trees + my best friends, my best boy, seated around one table + eggs for lunch, sitting opposite a dear old friend + café lattes for two + an overnight visitor, who arrived with the world’s best baklava in tow (thanks S!) + the evenings, not so black + books, books, books (just finished this one – in twenty-four hours!) + and a free weekend to curl with up with the words therein

Bright Spots | Week One

Week one. A year in moments: 52 weeks, beginning here. This Christmas, I came into possession of a ‘Bright Spots’ journal – a place to record the happy moments, silver linings and golden hours of each day. And behold, a new blog series is born – bright spots, every week of the year. Join in too, should you wish! + laughter, thai food, swimming and massages with my oldest friends in celebration of the bride-to-be + steaming bowls of vegetable gratin dripping in mozzarella and an episode of the west wing curled up in bed + frothy lattes al desko, brewed by kind colleagues + borrowing my first novel from the library at the end of the street + a set of photographs, printed, to remember 2015 by – snaps of our visit to Bavaria, summer in the Pacific Northwest, windy winter walks, May’s roses, his smile on the night we met + hopes for the year to come; big ones, little ones and everything in-between