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Been There | Bellingham Bay

Travelling back in time for a moment, to share these snaps of my June stay in Bellingham, WA. After the surprise ‘reveal’, Ashley and I spent a night and a day in her college town of Bellingham, a small city close to the Canadian border. After the commotion of graduation and two surprises, we ended up munching leftover mac and cheese in bed and falling asleep to 500 Days of Summer in her twinkle-lit studio apartment. The next morning, somewhat revitalised, we headed to Ashley’s favourite haunt – Mount Bakery – for waffles (#soamerican) and (for the jetlagged amongst us) coffee so strong it made Ashley wince! From there we meandered to the bay, where we strolled along the boardwalk, foraging for sea glass and giggling lots, giddy with the joy of being reunited. In myriad ways, Bellingham reminded me of Bristol: Bristol with a Pacific Northwest twist. The docks, the rippling water in the bay, the tree-lined avenues and street murals, the historic houses, coffee shops spilling out onto the pavement and young students biking …


I have three friends in Washington state, although during my June visit my social circle widened considerably to include their parents, siblings, boyfriends, neighbours, relatives and friends of friends (yes, I am the luckiest girl!) Perhaps it’s more fitting to say I originally had three friends in Washington state and that Ashley, Caitlin and Jennifer were the preeminent reason for my trip to the Pacific Northwest. First, some backstory. Caitlin is compassionate, centred, calm and smart as a whip. She makes a stellar bowl of whipped cream and always knows the right thing to say. One day she’s going to make an award-winning social worker. Jennifer is a walking bottle of sunshine, with bright blond hair and a beautiful smile to match. She’s a go-getter, rarely fazed by anything and writes the loveliest letters. Ashley – my first friend of the three – is the most creative person I know and a marvel with a Polaroid, a set of watercolours, even just a pen and paper. She’s hilarious, sweet, extraordinarily kind and changes her hair …

Rattlesnake Lake

I loved how the place names in Washington were straight out of storybooks – Rattlesnake Lake, Snoqualmie Falls, the Cascades. The story of Rattlesnake Lake sounds as though it should be immortalised in a novel too: a flood and a town submerged, stubborn tree trunks rising out of the water a reminder of its logging past, the sparkling teal water teasing the sunlight out from behind the clouds. Up high, Rattlesnake Ridge glowers down from its perch in the sky. I had the very best tour guides who knew the lake and its paths like the back of their hands. We listened to the rain drums patter in the garden, ate Clif bars in multitudes (#soamerican) and giggled our way around the trail as only best friends reunited can. I marvelled at the green! The pine trees! The autumnal air! It was almost exactly how I had imagined Washington, so a wholly fitting introduction to the evergreen state.

Yard Sittin’

  This was one of the loveliest parts of my two weeks in Washington, reunion with beloved friends aside. We’d sit out to eat dinner at the picnic table, squeezed comically on the one side to avoid the sun hurting our eyes, admiring the wildflowers on the table arranged by Cici, munching on ice-cream or graham crackers or Lulu dhal. Slowly the sky would fade to blue and we’d turn to watch the mountains emerge in the distance. Back in the city, I’m still thinking about it.