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City Slicker | Guide to Seattle, Washington

What better way to wind up the working week than with a set of dreamy images of my favourite US city? Today’s city slicker is the extraordinarily talented photographer Ashley Garrels, chatting about her hometown of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is one-of-a-kind, surrounded by sparkling blue waters and a smorgasbord of choice should you be the type partial to a good cup of joe. Ashley is also one of my dearest friends, the sort of friendship that’s just too wonderful to distil into words.  I (precociously) like to think that our relationship is testament to the powers of both photography and the internet as we started corresponding after admiring each other’s Flickr streams as doe-eyed fifteen-year-olds. Almost a decade later we’re real life best pals, despite the 5000 miles between our cities. Be dazzled by more of Ashley’s stunning images of Seattle and its flannel-clad denizens here. Without further ado… Q: How did you end up in your city?  My family has Pacific Northwest roots and we never seem to stray too far from …

The Cascades

  The Cascades are one of America’s most rugged mountain ranges, roughly-hewn, as if carved with a chisel. The peaks stretch over 700 miles, from northern California all the way to southern Canada, but the craggiest sweep surrounds Mount Rainier – the range’s highest point, only 60 miles from Seattle. Scree pours down the ridges like hot soup bubbling over on the stove and lush emerald forests envelop entire mountainsides. In late June, the grey peaks were scattered with glaciers and snow crunched beneath our feet, though the air was warm. In late summer, I’m told, the horizon bursts into colour; entire valleys cloaked in lupine, heather, columbine, aster and daisies. If there exists a stairway to heaven, then I think it must be here among these snowcapped summits rising up, up, up into the sky. Some folks are diehard mountain people, as if scree – not blood – surges through their veins. Their coat cupboards overflow with hiking boots and ski pants, there’s a season ticket for the chairlift by the phone in the …

Elbe, WA

Elbe, Washington is a pint-sized town tucked away in the Cascade mountain range, today home to just 29 inhabitants. The place was founded by German immigrants in 1891 and named after the river Elbe that tumbles from Hamburg to Dresden and then on into the Czech Republic. It was strange and fitting to stumble upon a small slice of Germany in small-town, high-altitude America. I couldn’t help but imagine how the settlers must have felt, trekking across the country, thousands and thousands of miles from their homeland. And if, when they caught sight of the mountains, they thought of the Alps and decided that this had to be the place – their home away from home.