After yesterday’s getting locked out of my house, cycling eight kilometres to retrieve the spare key and being hit around the head by a frightening Turkish woman at the Waschsalon, today had to be better. (Not that yesterday was all that awful – I still got to bake traditional Bavarian Kuecherl with Christl to celebrate Kirchweih, talk with my American best friend and eat dinner outside by candlelight.)

Today was much better, a perfect day in all its ordinariness. But, honestly, what is ordinary about living in a place beside two rivers and a canal where the sun sets pink everyday and plums grow on trees in otherwise unremarkable suburban streets, where houses are painted the colour of cherry blossoms, and there are bicycles everywhere one looks? Sometimes I wonder, wandering around town, if the people who were born here, and have lived here all their lives – the ones who stand on their doorsteps calling out ‘Servus!’ to passersby – I wonder if they even notice the beauty anymore.


On Tuesdays I have to get up so early I can’t even say the time without yawning, but have decided not to mind because the cycle ride to school is so peaceful and wintry, and the school itself is everything one could ever wish for in a school. Today I was allowed to teach two whole classes by myself, whilst the teacher sat at the back, and sat in on a funny Abitur class whose teacher seems to be schooled in the make-a-dozen-jokes-and-spend-the-whole-class-laughing theory of pedagogy. Which is fine by me! 


This afternoon I was cycling down Minoritenweg from school and had the strange experience of recognising somebody on the street, possibly the best feeling one can have when new to a foreign place. It took me a while to ascertain whom I could possibly know on a Regensburg street, in which time I was almost run over by two or three cars, but I thankfully realised it was Piers with Moritz and Emil in tow before that actually occurred… Anyway we wheeled our bicycles the rest of the way through the Altstadt and tried to make conversation with his mute charges to no avail. It was so nice to see a familiar face regardless!


The rest of the afternoon was warm and wonderful, so I did the only thing there is to do during such times, that is: ride along the Donauradweg, sit by the river, write letters to faraway friends and ride back at sunset. In other words, I think I’m becoming abnormally attached to my bicycle, I’m in love with a river and I am beginning to realise people think I’m crazy, because I walk around with a dazed smile on my face, exhausted by so much beauty. 


P.s. coming soon – pictures of our crazy tour of a wind turbine and Bayerischer Wald mushroom picking with Andreas… (you know you can’t miss that!)