Since we last spoke…

Herbstferien arrived. With Christl’s guidance I became a Stadtbuecherei member, made friends with a sweet librarian (we talked for a long time about the differences between the library service here and in Great Britain) and hugged a bookcase, so ecstatic was I to find English literature in the heart of continental Europe. Franziska and I drank coffee and spoke German for hours at Cafe Lila, which is quickly becoming everyone’s go to coffeehouse for its happy purple blankets and perfect outdoor seating. I can’t, in good faith, recommend their Fruechtetee but everything else about that place is honest-to-goodness


There were more awe-inspiring autumnal sunsets over the Danube and a visit to the farmer’s market on my island. The first evening of half-term was spent baking nutella shortbread for Emmy and Alice and reading my newly acquired novels instead of at the Erasmus party I was invited to. Whoops! I suppose the truth is out; sometimes I prefer books to people (or, at least, people I don’t know.)

Then, of course, BERLIN happened. Beautiful beautiful grand grand Berlin with its streets overflowing with history and its lively energy and its tree-lined avenues. We had such a wonderful and hilarious time and I promise photographs and stories will arrive soon! I arrived back in Regensburg on Tuesday night after an entirely hair-raising train journey through Sachsen, a brief glimpse of Dresden from the train window and two hours spent with another soot-coloured puppy sitting on my feet – oh, and did I mention the man sitting next to me on the Munich train who was taken away for police questioning? Just another normal day with Deutsche Bahn…

The weekend away made me appreciate Regensburg even more. Berlin will always make me weak at the knees but I am glad to live somewhere a little calmer and more authentically ‘German’. Since then lovely Emma and Gemma visited from Kronach and we spent their day trip drinking genuine Earl Grey from my cupboard and reminiscing about home, eating bowls of spaghetti at my mother’s favourite Pam Pam and strolling about town. Today Piers and I explored the Galerie Leerer Beutel, upon finding the Domschatz closed for all of November (schade!), and we bumped into two of my favourite students from Dr Biermeier’s 9. Klasse who, according to Piers, seemed very happy to see me too! 

One can feel winter tiptoeing across the bridges now, almost ready to seize the day. Today was a bright, blue-skied morning but the notorious fog returned in the afternoon. But I now have appropriate shoes so, snow, you’re welcome anytime. The Christmas lights are in place and the markets will begin soon. I used to be one of those people who lamented the encroachment of Christmas onto November but now I’ve had a change of heart and don’t mind at all. Gluehwein, Lebkuchen, Stollen (and also good friends, whilst we’re on the subject)…feel free to pay me a visit whenever you wish!

Basically, everything is really wonderful. I feel as though my German, albeit still far from perfect, is improving leaps and bounds every day and am beginning to feel like a true European! I wish I could share this experience with everyone but for now, these words will have to suffice. Bis bald!

P.s. According to my mother, she keeps telling everyone we know to read my blog. So if you are, hi! I miss you!