Auf Regen kommt immer Sonnenschein

On Tuesday, cycling home from school, I somehow managed to end up falling off my bike and wind up at the emergency clinic, leaving swathed in bandages and looking very invalid-like. After a few days of not being able to walk, I’m much better and am realising all the nice things that happened as a direct result…


  1. The old man I’d never met before who spent his lunch break taking me to the hospital, for one. And my friends who visited with chocolate and well wishes. And everyone who has wished me ‘Gute Besserung’, and the teacher at school who is now so worried for my safety I think he wants to adopt me. And thank you to everyone who phoned or sent e-mails, it was most sweet!
  1. A reminder to always wear my helmet, even if I’m the only person over twelve in the whole of Germany who does so, and even if it makes me look most un-glamorous. As someone recently said to me: staying alive is always in style!
  1. The 99-year-old woman with a thick Bavarian accent who befriended me in the waiting room and shared some of her wisdom with me…which reminded me of ‘Jazz Hands’ in the best way!
  1. Being able to spend a whole day reading.
  1. And, most of all, a reminder to slow down. Not that I cycle particularly fast…but walking instead of cycling is affording me a chance to appreciate architecture in a way one doesn’t when on a bike, and reminding me that sometimes the quickest route isn’t always the most beautiful, the most thought-provoking or the most satisfying.

So perhaps it’s true, every cloud does have a silver lining!