Irrungen und Wirrungen

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the weather in regensburg this week has been such that i feel as if i live on england’s green and pleasant land once more. windy, changeable, the constant threat of the heavens opening. i packed my umbrella in my satchel and had to get used to wearing socks again, after last week’s indian summer. with an uncharacteristic amount of time on my watch there were rambling night-time walks and culinary experiments, and an evening where the madness of the weather must have got to me: i surprised even piers (who is not easily surprised) with my cat lady craziness, knocking on windows and speedy sprinting abilities. apologies, again! because of the impending storm, ‘mornings of cultural discovery’ were called off and instead we sat in a cosy altstadt room planning danube-bike-path excursions and wondering where the best place to go for tea and cake was (Kuchenbar, as it turned out. always Kuchenbar.) i baked chocolate and red wine biscotti in the shape of lambs and hares (yes, for real) with christl and dyed a nestload of hard-boiled eggs every rainbow colour under the sun. i cycled around with the wind whipping my hair, felt unrestrained excitement for our family beach trip rising in my heart (one week! one week!) and wondered when the ability to turn words into acceptable sentences would return to me. and i lay on cobblestones on an island atop an ancient river (need it be named, i think not) and gazed at the moon, gave thanks. life is really quite nice, wouldn’t you agree?