Weekly Thanksgivings


This week was trying in some ways. Yet none of these were life-threatening and many were simultaneously exciting, so I have decided to begin a humble series – every Friday, let’s say. The aim is – to take note of the sunshine, literal and figurative, in the everyday. I used to be a girl in possession of the world’s rosiest spectacles, but somewhere along the way became a realist, and now would very much like to be a rose-coloured-glasses-wearing-realist, if you please.


One of our archetypally professorial (read: eccentric) lecturers, a north German with an endearing English accent and a sausage dog named Daphne, gave an evening linguistics lecture to a bunch of sweet 70-year-olds and a handful of us students this week. I want to say it was interesting, but I spent almost the entire hour making eyes at aforementioned sausage dog and having eyes made at me by the effervescent Emmy. It was fun, anyway.

Thereafter, W and I drank a traditional late night hot chocolate while Emmy went all out and ordered a Bloody Mary. That girl is decadence personified and I love her for it.

I was made an amazing cup of tea on Thursday morning – a perfect balance of milky and not. Revivifying.

Picking up W from school (as teacher, not student!) and stopping off at the cosiest little cafe on Park Street, complete with battered church pews for seats, inexpensive tea and a central heating system I would pay good money to possess.

Two hour lunch breaks in the common room with A – the best place for people-watching.

The cherry blossoms are beginning to sprout, happy little bursts of light at the ends of branches – a reminder that winter will come to an end. It’s still dreadfully cold, thus efforts are being made to squeeze the last out of this long, chilly season – who knows, perhaps I’ll even miss the hot chocolate, the hot water bottles, the woolly socks and the glorious winter sunsets?

Glorious winter sunsets were plentiful this week, particularly one which we watched sitting beside the river, a glimpse of the amber sun in all its majesty smouldering across the horizon.

My new bicycle is PERFECTION.

The two girlfriends I live with are really, really great.

Tasty sandwiches, homemade semi-teamwork courgette-tomato pasta, the river, sunset walks to lectures, the lightening evening sky, cafetiere coffee, long conversations, Mama picked me up from Paddington, morning texts, catching trains with seconds to spare, darkness, cats, memories of Italy, and I am alive with four limbs!

The sunshine – figuratively, at least – is endless. So much to be happy about.