Weekly Thanksgivings

The world is in bloom. 

Summertime bike rides on my mother’s super-fast bicycle.

The inspiration the weekend newspaper provides.

Colourful summer salads with kidney beans and iron-rich pulses.

Lying in the garden with a cat curled around my legs.

Freckled noses.

Really really good, really really strong homemade coffee.

Ordering the same meal for a starter and main course (it was just 



Time to read multiple books at once.

Blue skies which have no beginning or end.

A newly-organised room.

Riding the tube with my favourite people for company.

Ripe and juicy fruit.

Ellie’s secret London knowledge (that girl knows


of the best places!)

The invention of SPF and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

The breezy, dreamy, easy 28C we’re basking in today.

* Alternate title: 

The return of Friday thanksgivings.