Weekly Thanksgivings 6

So much to tell you, dear friends. How much I love my tube + bus ride to work, how the gentle lullaby of the rocking carriages calms and soothes me. That morning pocket of time which affords me the luxury of getting just-lost-enough in a book. The low-lying autumn warmth, the yellow leaves decorating the ground, the pleasure in a scarf wrapped around the neck. How my new office is two streets (two streets!) away from Regent’s Park. This weekend – which was how all weekends should be: Earl Grey in the morning light, snuggling on the sofa with my love love love, autumnal walks holding hands, homemade chocolate birthday cake with SPARKLERS, laughter, and a plate of spanakopita (favourite food ever?) shared with the truest of true-blue friends. Also, my mother painted the bathroom a deep, essential, not-quite-blue, not-quite-green sea hue on a whim and I love it. We’re missing my sister but, besides, life is


I hope you are wonderful!