Weekly Thanksgivings 7


I could use a little extra thanksgiving today. Those days where the blue bites a little harder and the wind seems to snap at your ankles with intent? Today was one of those days. Yet it was also a glorious day. After hours of a grey, enveloping rain, the sun began to shine through the red leaves in the park. I was allowed to leave work an hour early which – though I like my job, another thanksgiving – felt like playing truant in the best grown-up way. Galvanised by the sunshine I decided to walk the two miles to the tube instead of getting the bus – and walking through Regent’s Park aglow with autumn majesty and a dear girlfriend’s laugh in my ear, life felt easy, and good. The wide avenues and bustling crowds attending an autumn art fair in large white tents on the grass evoked a longing for Vienna, Schönbrunn in particular. So I kicked my boots through the leaves, admired the grand mansions overhead and dreamt I was in Austria. Sometimes a little escapism is all a girl needs. What has made you thankful today? 

*further thanksgivings include a delicious vegetarian roast with my kind grandparents, my American BFFs (you know who you are!), giggly phone calls with my all grown up little sis, two cats and my handsome, kind, endlessly patient William who makes me so happy everyday. Quotidian pleasures. Aren’t they the best kind?