Weekly Thanksgivings 8

2013-10-26 18.12.54-2

Life lately has felt more of an uphill climb than I am used to. I think it’s the nature of the thing – of growing up, finding your way, carving a space for oneself in this strange and tumultuous home of ours. But there is so much comfort in a familiar smile and those small pockets of grace – the kindness of people you hardly know, the simple mercy of finding a seat on the train. The joy there is in giving it up to somebody with tired eyes and a heavy load to carry. I’m aware this blog is turning into a place of thanksgivings and that alone. But for now I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. 

So this week’s gratitudes so far: cats and buses that run on time. Reunion with an old friend in our hometown, we’ve known each other since I was 8. Emails from Ashley. Silly texts. Quiet dinners with mama. Snuggling down into a warm bed. A job that I love, the days go by quickly. Friendly faces. Knitting a new stripy scarf. Nourishing salads homemade for lunch – there’s something so nice about taking a little slice of home to the office. Sunny mornings. And most of all, my mother – who is the most exquisite, kind and funny human being I know and the best mama I could ever imagine. 

What are you grateful for?