Bonfire Night

I love most all holidays – Christmas and Easter, Pancake Day, Nikolaustag, and all bank holidays regardless of where in the calendar they fall.


Bonfire Night, most of all. I have always counted this hallmark of the British calendar amongst my favourites – falling at my most beloved time of year, imbued with all sorts of hallowed notions of warm jumpers and crunchy leaves, red cheeks and faces lit by the embers of a well-stoked bonfire. The excuse for an outdoor celebration (the best) in the depths of damp November.

We celebrated on the weekend with a trip to the top of a nearby hill, a glut of sparklers and warm grilled cheese sandwiches waiting in the kitchen for when we hopped inside, noses pink and fingers chilled. The wonder of holding a fizzing, glittering sparkler in your gloved hand never seems to fade. I hope you enjoy Bonfire Night today, even if you’re simply admiring the flashes from the warmth of a window seat. Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

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