A Snapshot.

Listening to this, because it sounds like both a beginning and an ending and like being in love on a rainy autumn evening.

Daydreaming about Vienna, about taking the tram around the Ringstra├če on a bright winter’s day and eating soup at Cafe Griensteidl once the sun has gone down. 

Feeling grateful for the bite in the air and my sweet best girl friend.

Wearing two pairs of socks.

Reading The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson, to satiate those Vienna yearnings.

Sleeping with a hot water bottle and my furry feline friends. 

Appreciating the daylight and all its nuances, even as the days shorten.

And most of all, anticipating William’s visit for the weekend – I cannot wait to hug him tight! 

Tell me, what are you daydreaming and feeling and wearing and listening to?