2013 in places: July to December

The belated second half of this post.

July –  Running around the Malvern hills with true blue friends, guest starring Pimm’s on the patio and fragrant summer evenings as dusk spread through the air.

Wandering around the countryside collecting freckles & appreciating the slow burn of a summer sunset.

Sister afternoons at the most perfect lido in the world.

Graduation in Bristol! (I’m the little blond one on the right.)

August – a dreamy blur, the days sticky with sweltering heat and suncream. Road trips and journeys around England in good company. Visits to Dorset, Northumberland, Durham, Hayling Island and to relatives in Bordeaux. 

September – Our family’s annual start-of-autumn trip to Suffolk. 

Soon after I began my first full-time almost-kinda-grown-up job working for a magazine in London. I fell deeply in love with the small pocket of the city where I work and its old-world allure.

Collecting conkers in the prettiest autumn light.

October – Sunny country walks in between storms. 

Sunset from the office window.

November – Visiting my best friend in Oxford, dreaming of a life based on bicycle rides through cobbled streets and cups of tea in an ancient library.

The most charming bookshop in Birmingham.

December –  Lunchtime wanders around Primrose Hill.

Walks around the neighbourhood at dusk.

Dinner parties & sparklers at home.

And the most cosy festive season featuring the dearest family, friends new and old, co-workers who jovially forced red wine upon me in the office and a sense of contentment in my heart – of patience, and peace. That life will work out as it should. 

2013 was a transient year. Lovely, in parts, and sad in others – but primarily a year of transitions and change (which is a challenge for a girl who thinks she does not like change. In reality, I love change, it’s merely the thought that scares me – does anyone else feel that way?). Beginnings and endings, milestones and markers – but, in the end, it ended happily, with a silent prayer of thanks sent up for the infinite bounties of beauty and love that surround me. In 2014 I vow to be kinder, to myself and others and to write more here.

Did you make any resolutions? Here’s to a fulfilling year ahead. Wishing you all the contentment in the world!