Weekly Thanksgivings #11

morning coffee – before-bed-tea – brunch – buttery toast and eggs (simple honest food -the way it should be) – meeting the effervescent Johanna for brunch – new friends – and birthday parties – with cake – my so-very-nearly-80-year-old grandmother (with the requisite wisdom, yet none of the grey hair, to prove it) – the Central line – and the way it feels somehow different – the Met line – and the way it feels somehow new – returning to the National Theatre after years of absence – to see the most touching and laughter-inducing play – a handsome friend for company – walnuts as an interval snack – said friend jumping on the tube to shower me with money – and the giggles that ensued – funny looks from strangers – the promise of Lisbon – the sense of peace that comes from climbing up Primrose Hill on a windy noon – simple earrings – a warm coat – burning candles – buskers – good and bad – because their courage is the most touching thing – community choir – the aunt who loves to sing – people who dance in public as if no-one were watching – Great House: A Novel – spending lunch in a bookstore – hope – summer travel plans – long walks with my parents – moving offices – the simple joy in packing up your desk, knowing it is not a goodbye but a continuation – my sister’s laugh in my ear – the familiar cut-out of the city skyline – the familiar cut-out of naked winter trees – a house the colour of pepto-bismol – friendly black cats on the street – being busy – the feeling that 2014 is off to a good start – and, that I, as a person, am okay. Not perfect, but really okay. 

What are you thankful for?