Life lately has been a blur. A magnificent blur, but a blur nonetheless.

Life slowed down today because of the tube strike. And will continue to slow down tomorrow and the next day because of the strikers. 

But lately, tube strike aside, life has become outrageously busy. I like it. I’ve acted out-of-character, danced a lot, acquired a new desk on a new floor at work (and with it, new friends!), knitted a scarf, been to book club with lovely J, seen a few fascinating concerts and flown to France and back. I haven’t had a free evening in weeks and have discovered that being busy to the point where you don’t know what day it is is the easiest and most fun way to sweep away any hint of winter blues. 

So busy I even forgot to pick a weekend poem last week, so a midweek poem will be arriving sometime soon to make up for it. Lots of writing, pictures and stories to share too. Soon! I miss this space and you.

Also, it’s 43 days until spring. 43 days! I can’t wait.