A Birthday.

I had the most exquisite of birthdays. A day to end all days. And this, coming from a girl who does not normally enjoy her own birthday. I appreciated the winding tube ride to work with a box of cupcakes tucked beneath my feet, and the sight of a field doused in frost as the train chugged towards downtown. I appreciated my solitary lunch and time to read my book (so much I missed my stop and had to walk the long route home with my best friend giggling in my ear.) And I was so happy to spend my evening with those I most hold dear.

I was utterly spoilt, undeservedly so – showered with cake (carrot! chocolate! walnut!) and affection and the most thoughtfully written cards. More than anything, I felt contented and present. In the moment and, happy. Which was, really, the best birthday present I could have wished for.