What are you reading?

Hi readers! (Does anyone read this blog? If you do, hello and please say hi!)

I was e-mailing a friend from across the ocean the other day about books, and it occurred to me that this blog might be the perfect forum to sow and reap book recommendations too! I have been a particular voracious reader since the year’s begin, fuelled by dawdling tube journeys from the suburbs into town. Ergo, without further ado…


* * *

Books I’ve read this year and loved

This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

A book of essays by the Orange Prize winner Ann Patchett, recommended by a London Book Club member. Endearing, enlightening and sometimes laugh-out-loud. I particularly enjoyed her tales of working at a magazine (as I do now!) and her thoughts on happiness, commitment and marriage.

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

A charming tale full of twists and turns, spanning almost half a century and skipping between coastal Italy and Los Angeles. A lighthearted and lovely read!

Ammonites and Leaping Fish by Penelope Lively

Fascinating not-quite-memoir, dubbed by the author as ‘the view from old age’. It is is written in beautiful, diamond-cut prose and concerns my favourite topics – memory and how it affects our lives in the present.

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

READ IT! I have long loved the author’s later novel Great House, but only recently got round to The History of Love. It may have eclipsed the former: heart-wrenchingly, achingly brilliant. The sort of book I wish I’d written first!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Thought-provoking and breathtaking in its narrative voice and scope, a true page-turner that had me crying and laughing on the tube. (I haven’t seen the film yet – have you?)

Someone by Alice McDermott

This started slowly, but quickly drew me in – a novel following a Catholic woman’s life in 1930s Brooklyn, written in fragments, switching fluidly between decades and places. Beautiful poetry-prose.

* * *

Now, what are YOU reading? Please do leave a comment and share your favourite books of 2014 or years past. I love getting recommendations! xo