Weekly Thanksgivings.

If you’re a long-time peruser of Beside the Danube (hi, mama) you may remember the series ‘Weekly Thanksgivings’, listing little epigrams of gratitude for the things that had made this week great. Well, it’s back – with pictures! Five things that made me smile this week…

1. This view.

Because it had been two years. And it’s just as splendid at sunset.


2. These flowers.

For being so cheery! 

3. This girl.

She’s one of the best (and also my little sister.)

4. This magazine.

Because my words are in print! And I have a byline! And I am rather excited (!!!!)


5. This gift.

From a dear friend. Because she’s gold-dust, and her visit was entirely my pleasure. 


Now, you! What are you smiling about?