Weekly Thanksgivings.

I am feeling especially thankful this week. I’m thankful for: long email conversations. The ability to text my American best friends. Reconnecting with old acquaintances. Deep breaths. Blackcurrant Lemsip. My mother’s newfangled obsession with cordials (hello, rhubarb and lavender cordial in bed!) The funniest colleagues who are partial to morning coffee and afternoon tea. Cheese on toast (the best food for cold-sufferers.) The music of James Vincent McMorrow. Fiery sunsets that make you grateful to be alive with eyes to see them. Skirts that twirl. My straw bag from the charity shop. 27 degree weather (oh my!) The breeze, too. My imminent visit to Bavaria and plans to dip my toes in the Danube and hang out with all my old friends while sitting in a beer tent wearing a Dirndl. Humility. Opportunities. A future that is hopeful and exciting. My grandfather’s 83rd birthday celebrations (he’s the best man I know.) My family. Straw hats. A boy who takes me to the beach on a whim. Long train rides. Light evenings. The perfect blue of the sea.

What are you thankful for? I hope you are having the loveliest week. xo