I’d imagined my July and August, folllowing a whirlwind June, would be quiet and restorative: dusk-lit walks around the neighbourhood, solitary swims of an evening at the lido close to the office, twilights spent kneading flours into eggs, modest catch-ups with beloveds, perhaps a road trip if ambition struck. Alas (or perhaps, hooray!) I have just returned muddied and in need of a three-hour-shower from a weekend in the forest with a boisterous gang of 12-year-old girls. I did indeed knead flour into eggs, alongside whipping up cooked breakfasts for twenty teenagers, shooting a rifle, tramping through the woods in the dark, and preparing industrial portions of cocoa. It was restorative in its own way and though the remains of summer are shaping up to be a little busier than I had anticipated, I hope to write and share more here in the coming weeks. I have so much to show you, not least the best of my glorious weeks in America. Bis bald! (And go go go Deutschland this evening – I’m off to watch the match with friends, including a German, so the Fatherland best pull it out of the bag again…) 

*Pictures taken during my USA stay. More to come soon!