Rattlesnake Lake

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I loved how the place names in Washington were straight out of storybooks – Rattlesnake Lake, Snoqualmie Falls, the Cascades. The story of Rattlesnake Lake sounds as though it should be immortalised in a novel too: a flood and a town submerged, stubborn tree trunks rising out of the water a reminder of its logging past, the sparkling teal water teasing the sunlight out from behind the clouds. Up high, Rattlesnake Ridge glowers down from its perch in the sky. I had the very best tour guides who knew the lake and its paths like the back of their hands. We listened to the rain drums patter in the garden, ate Clif bars in multitudes (#soamerican) and giggled our way around the trail as only best friends reunited can. I marvelled at the green! The pine trees! The autumnal air! It was almost exactly how I had imagined Washington, so a wholly fitting introduction to the evergreen state.