10 Weekly Thanksgivings

Sometimes you just gotta give thanks. So…

1. The overcast gloom that spread across London this afternoon. I sat beneath a baby oak tree in the park during lunch and breathed in the quiet, trying to memorise the feeling of autumn just beginning, of the calm draped over the city, and how much quiet reflective moments like that fill me up and make me feel ready to face the world.

2. Four Seasons in Rome by Anthony Doerr – I’m reading it at the moment and it’s making me want to head straight to Italy and explore the hidden alleyways and trattorias. The last time I went I was fourteen and Doerr’s recollections are bringing back so many memories.

3. The roses sitting pretty in the Regent’s Park rose garden (see above).

4. Anticipation for the week I’m soon to spend beside the September sea – my favourite week of every year, I think. Sometimes I wonder if the getting excited part of a trip is the best part of all!

5. Swimming. It’s nice to head to the pool alone straight after work and release the tensions of a working day. I always go home feeling so refreshed.

6. The Great British Bake-Off (for non-native readers: a televised baking competition featuring ordinary folks that grips the British nation every year) because it’s hilarious and cheesy and impossible not to watch with a smile.

7. Shortbread. Because butter.

8. Lovely friends. Tuesday evening was spent hanging out in a city Biergarten with a dear old friend. We met in Bristol and Z moved to London last year. Since then, we have become close and it’s so nice to feel like you’re strengthening and building upon old friendships. We drank refreshingly cool iced things in the courtyard, caught up and talked in the way good friends do, a way that leaves you feeling enthusiastic and hopeful. It was great.

9. And more lovely friends. Sometimes London can seem strangely lonely, simply for the fact that everyone is so dispersed and ‘a friend in London’ might live an hour or more away via the tube. But it makes it all the more lovely when you do see them and I’ve been making an effort and reaping the rewards. I’m feeling thankful for the friends I have in this city. They’re pretty great.

10. Jumper weather. I like temperate climes so much more than heat (in which I wilt) and it’s been lovely and cool round these parts lately. Not cold, not hot. Just the way I like it. (And also heavenly walking weather.)

Bonus thanksgiving: Ashley, my transatlantic BFF, for being splendid and always knowing the right thing to say.

So tell me, what’s making you thankful? xo