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This week is being spent camped out at the coast (a beloved family September tradition) with assorted friends, family and lots of spiders in the ivy-covered house we’re renting. Plenty of time for plunges in the bracing North Sea, fish and chips on the pebbles, sunset bike rides, quality family time and sorting through the summer’s photographs to post here. Prepare for an onslaught! These autumnal pictures I took today seem to evoke the oncoming season. The leaves are redder here than they are in London, the air a little chillier. Today we walked miles up and down the shingle, the sound of pebbles crunching in our ears, stopping off for roast lunches washed down with plum crumble at the pub. It was quite lovely and, now tucked up in bed with the wind whistling outside, I feel the luckiest girl!

Did you have a wonderful weekend?